Add Google Adsense to WordPress without plugins

I was just trying to add Adsense to this blog and found several plugins available to add Google adsense to wordpress. Finally, I managed to add Google Adsense to this blog without any plugins – this solution takes around 5 mins to setup and it only uses the text widget available in wordpress by default. […]

How to detect if your webserver is hacked and get alerted

We all do our best to write excellent code and also keep our installations of popular open source tools like WordPress, Joomla, Oscommerce, Drupal, phpmyadmin and all its plugins always updated to prevent any attack or hackers using known exploits on them. This article is not aimed at going through all those methods to help you secure […]

How to check if an email address exists without sending an email?

We have all been doing email address validation for a very long time to make sure that the email is correctly formatted. This is to avoid users entering wrongly formatted email address but still they can accidentally give us a wrong email address. Example of a correctly formatted email address but still wrong: [VALID […]

Does your website really need a CAPTCHA?

What is CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA is an acronym for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.” This can be with images / audio or whatever we will see in future. Why do sites use it? CAPTCHA is used to prevent bots from automatically submitting forms with SPAM or other unwanted content. Google […]