Add Google Adsense to WordPress without plugins

I was just trying to add Adsense to this blog and found several plugins available to add Google adsense to wordpress. Finally, I managed to add Google Adsense to this blog without any plugins – this solution takes around 5 mins to setup and it only uses the text widget available in wordpress by default.

Step 1: Login to your blog as administrator
Step 2: Click on Appearance
Step 3: Select Widgets
Step 4: Select the sidebar you want (Default Sidebar 1)
Step 5: Add Text widget
Step 6: Click on Edit widget
Step 7: Enter Caption. I have used “Useful Links”
Step 8: Paste your Google Adsense code in the text area. See example code & screenshot

Example (Copy and Paste below into Widget):

<script type="text/javascript">
google_ad_client = "pub-9990819195828769";
google_ad_slot = "7810166087";
google_ad_width = 200;
google_ad_height = 200;
// --></script>
<script src=""


Wordpress Text Widget - Add Google Adsense code

Wordpress Text Widget - Add Google Adsense code

Step 9: Click done & Save changes.

You should now be able to see Ads from Google showing on the left side of your sidebar. Just like we have on the top right of this page.

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  1. whysayso said on :

    Great thanks. This is simple.. I can’t believe the number of plugins out there to do this and more.. Search Google for wordpress adsense to see loads of plugins!

  2. Brent said on :

    Keep it simple 🙂 Good tip!

  3. Tero Simon said on :

    Thanks for showing us how to put google ads in word press blog quickly. I now have googleads showing advertisement in my blog. See link

  4. Puneet said on :

    this is the easiest way to place adsense on our wordpress blogs without any plugins or changes in ur theme 🙂

    btw : adsense in ur sidebar is looking really cool … nice theme 😉

  5. Leo said on :

    I was wondering on how to put google adsense to, my gadget site, since it uses wordpress. This solution is very helpfull, thanks for sharing. Hope for your success 🙂

  6. Kristine said on :

    Hi! This post is very informative. I followed your instructions and it worked for me. 🙂

    Thank you.

  7. FahadOnline said on :

    What about inserting ads to posts ? I mean every post made also future posts .

  8. sewdragondesigns said on :

    I have tried to do what you did above, and after saving the script in the txt block, it will not show on the page. Go back in to “edit” and it is blank. While it is saving the Useful Links txt it is not saving the google ad script. Please help!

  9. Dean said on :

    Thanks..great tip! I will hopefully with a few more clicks a day I will be ready to add adsense to my blog…

  10. kim said on :

    @sewdragondesigns: I’m guessing your wordpress blog is hosted at – they don’t seem to allow javascript to be used on the hosted version there.

  11. Ben said on :

    @kim – That is right. Allowing javascript on a hosted platform is a security risk.

  12. sun said on :

    Hi, i heard of making money from the ads. Any suggestions on how I can do this in my blog? I welcome any suggestions!

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  14. kusum said on :

    its very nice i can see my ads now thanks a lot tell me more ways to improve my blog on word press

  15. happy said on :

    added to my site – thanks i was stuck on how to do this

  16. Highlow said on :

    Thanks for the tip!! It works great but I have the same problem as sewdragondesigns…so is there no way to host ads at all if your wordpress blog is hosted on

  17. rhonda said on :

    thanks so much keeping it simple now all i must do is wait for traffic…

  18. kingducky said on :

    I had the same issue. My blog is hosted on and i cant seem to figure this out. Can you help me please?

  19. Aaron said on :

    They probably blocked it 🙁

  20. Rwandrew077 said on :

    Thanks!! I do not think it took a whole 5 minutes!

  21. Odvord said on :

    Outstanding!! This made it sssooooo easy! Now all I have to do is change the adsense to sidebar from header.


  22. Talha Kazmi said on :

    Great you have solved my problem here 🙂
    thanks a lot…

  23. salman said on :

    Thanks for showing us how to put google ads in word press blog quickly. I now have googleads showing advertisement in my blog……..

  24. Losille said on :

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    For some reason the html I wanted on my page would show up in sidebar 2 but not sidebar1. Now I have google and other things!

  25. Matt Kendricks said on :

    I like it, it’s simple.

  26. Ms Dony said on :

    thanks for the tip..i’ll try that..

  27. safaaa said on :

    hey i try it but it doesnt work am new in adsense google i shoud wait some days to receive the ads? .plz help

  28. Renegade Moms said on :

    Thanks for the help and the example of Google ads on the top right.

  29. warungkopi said on :

    Good info . I always await new article from you 😀

  30. ChrisParke said on :

    Thanks for the tip.

  31. Elizabeth Harvey said on :

    Thanks a lot for this detailed article.

  32. Keasley said on :

    Thank you, so much! I was really getting frustrated and was beginning to question my decision to switch to WordPress. Not only did this help me understand how to get Google Adsense up and running, it help me figure out how to customize my entire sidebar. Much thanks. God Bless.

  33. Yosef said on :

    I have tried plugins and with the code, but nothing displays. My blog just creates a white space where the ads should be. Have you come across this problem?

  34. bob hoskins said on :

    thanks a lot for the help. Plugins did not work well but your tip worked a treat! Thanks again for the helpful post.

  35. Amberly Rundell said on :

    Thanks, that helps a lot! 🙂

  36. cesar said on :

    I followed your instruction. However for some reason, when I am saving the widget, the code disappear. Any clue of what I am doing wrong ? Let me know if anyone else has this problem

  37. yufi ps said on :

    thanks for the information

  38. NeonBlueWS said on :

    Thanks for the info. I have no idea why there are so many WordPress plugins to do the same thing.

  39. Soros said on :

    Adding Adsense couldnt be easier. Thanks.

  40. Raksa said on :

    Thanks a million for posting this simple guide.

  41. WP Kid said on :

    Thanks for the details.

  42. Thorpe said on :

    It works great on my 250×250 banner.

  43. Sally said on :

    Coolio! That’s the way to do it!

  44. Dave Hawkins said on :

    – NOTE: Code insertion is not supported in comments.

  45. Cathy said on :

    Wow! I can’t tell you how much time and aggravation this saved me. Thanks so much. I’ve added it to my baby freebies blog. Now if only I can figure out how to put it in the actual posts. 😉 Thanks again!

  46. Normalyn Espejo said on :

    Thanks for this information. Can you also share to us how you did your tag cloud?

  47. Sam said on :

    thanks man!

  48. Colombopro said on :

    Thanks. I wonder how to add adsense to wordpres posts. Is there a no plugin way like adding to sidebar?

  49. murthy said on :

    Simple and very helpful. Good work dude.

  50. Adam said on :

    This works fine. For users can i just point this out to the people who are complaining it doesnt work…

  51. Ije said on :

    Thank you so much. This worked perfectly.

  52. blogging tips said on :

    great help to me….i was searching for adsense integration in my blog

  53. Mcgelligot said on :

    Hey, thanks so much for posting this. I have used plugins in the past and they can be a pain in the neck. This is a nice, elegant quick-fix. Keep up the good work.

  54. Jo said on :

    Cool thanks heaps for this 🙂 – I just added mine now and so much better than using a plugin – and nice and fast 🙂 – mine isn’t showing just yet but they take like 10 min to show up for the first time so I’m sure they are on the way

  55. Fsatark said on :

    It also works for me. Thanks.

  56. tina said on :

    Thanks for your help.

  57. Vicki said on :

    Thank you soooooo much! This was a breeze!

  58. Tony said on :

    Very smooth, thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

  59. helena said on :

    Thanks for this. It was really easy to add to my wordpress blog – unlike any other solution. Now if only there were a simple solution to adding adsense to the very bottom…

  60. Jack said on :

    im doing the same steps and it works on my blog. Thanks.

  61. Gavin said on :

    Thanks for the tip. I have added it to my wordpress blog on my domain successfully. Just figuring out how to move the panels in wordpress admin.

  62. Essam said on :

    Thank u, I just added it to my blog greenpages

  63. Rupali said on :

    This info is very useful to me.thnks

  64. waqar said on :

    very cool and easy way………

  65. Bak said on :

    Thanks for this useful tips
    I got Ads on my Site

  66. bhaw said on :

    thanks for these useful info.

  67. Snsaha said on :

    It worked for me

  68. Chris said on :

    Hi thanks for the tip, but I was wondering if you can add adscense to the bottom of a page also. I had wanted it at the bottom of my main page.

    Thanks for the tip.

  69. Chetan said on :

    It worked fine with me on my blog!

  70. Joseph said on :

    Thanks for the link. It worked perfectly. Much better than having to install plugins to do the same thing!

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