Google store does not use google checkout instead uses Worldpay

The Official Google Store which sells a range of Google labelled products doesn’t use Google Checkout for credit card processing but instead uses Worldpay.

Google Store uses Oscommerce (popular open source PHP ecommece store management program) and free open source plugins are available to integrate google checkout with oscommece in minutes (eg: I wonder why they cant simply use Google checkout to deal with credit cards on their own site?

1) Google store without Google checkout option for payment.
2) Worldpay message when checkout starts.

Another question
OK, now we know that Google store doesnt have Google Checkout support at the moment. Then how does the store have the google checkout badge on their sponsored listing?

Google search result shows the Google Checkout badge

Google search result shows the Google Checkout badge

Try a Google search for “Google Store” and you can see the sponsored link has Google checkout badge on it.

NOTE: I love Google and use most of their products. Just don’t understand why they cant use their own checkout in their official store.

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  1. Fore Caster said on :

    So Google can get the Google checkout badge on their websites without using it??

  2. jeremy said on :

    The simple truth is the google checkout osc module written by Google by Ropu never worked correctly it was a massive joke. It is no wonder they went with World Pay

  3. Vineet Kumar said on :

    I also get the URL as (no hyphen.) With the hyphen, I see prices in GBP by default (though I can switch to USD or EUR). I don’t see the usual google checkout stuff in the purchase process on the hyphenated site, though. I’m guessing it is a country-by-country (or maybe just US vs everywhere else) thing. They’re definitely different sites (the non-hyphenated one is asp, not php). I’m guessing they’re run by separate companies entirely. The US one is run by Gateway CDI, a company that does this sort of corporate merchandise store for lots of other companies as well.

  4. Jesse said on :

    Just for the record, visiting te Google Store from within the US, I end up at a google checkout page.

  5. rmtew said on :

    My one experience with google checkout has not been a good one. The seller was unresponsive, and the google’s web site was confusing to work out the process in dealing with this.

    I tried to contact the seller twice, with no response, and after several weeks of waiting I got onto google about it. Then they try and contact the seller, even though all my previous communication went through their system, which resulted in another week after which they contacted me and asked if I had heard from the seller.

    Now they’re finally refunding, but they say it will take up to ten days for me to get the money back if they are able to refund.

    I wouldn’t use google checkout either if I was them. I’ve had a much better experience with Paypal.

  6. smile-please said on :

    I had to hack some extra functionality into oscommerce once, along with some basic skinning.

    It has some of the worst code I’ve ever seen; it’s design is utterly abysmal, and ‘skinning’ it involves hacking core business logic code because there is no separation of concerns.

    Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be able good open source shopping cart solutions, so we’re stuck with it.

  7. b100dian said on :

    mmmm… oscommerce.. php.. google.. blink blink

  8. Rob said on :

    Actually magento is one of the best opensource platforms I’ve used. Much much better than osComm or Zencart. And the payment solutions are integrated instead of being modules.

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