FBGAT – Facebook Google Analytics tracker

FBGAT is a free and opensource tool created by Webdigi to work around Facebook’s Javascript restriction on Facebook fan pages which prevents Google Analytics from working correctly.  There are two key parts to this tool.

1) The code generator: This helps users generate a code for each individual areas that has to be tracked on Google Analytics
2) The tracker: This instructs Google Analytics on each page load to log visits, IP address, browser,  country, etc.

Here are general instructions on how to setup Google Analytics on your Facebook pages.

The hosted version
The hosted version of FBGAT is free to use (no plans to charge for usage). We will try to keep this up-to-date with improvements we make and will try to ensure that it runs without any downtime. We also relying on this server to track our Facebook fan pages. However, there are no guarantees of any sort that this will also be available. If you are more comfortable hosting your own version of FBGAT. Please feel free to grab a copy and run it on your server.

To download and setup on your own server
You will need an externally accessible webserver running PHP to install FBGAT and run it by yourself. There is nothing to configure and there is no requirement of a database, etc. Please feel free to share your ideas back to us and back to the community at large if you make any improvements.

FBGAT Download

Version 1.1 (download) released on Feb 22, 2010.
Here is the link to FBGAT on Github (use this to track updates, file bugs, ideas, etc)

* You are free to do whatever you want with these files, respecting other licence agreements. We have seen Chinese and German translations of this tool popup. We would be happy if you could link back to our original work but that is also entirely your choice.