Tensor Flow on the browser with Pose and Hand tracking

Machine learning and AI have come a long way over the last decade. We are able to run powerful machine learning algorithms right on the browser. Incredibly this even works on browsers of mobile devices like iPhones and Android devices. This can lead to interesting applications: Multi-factor authentication, Captcha systems, Login & many others. We […]

AWS Instance Automated AMI Creation & Deletion System

UPDATE: 14 JUN 2017 – In step 5 below, please do select 5 minutes timeout for the script. We did have a few issues for users who had a lot of instances taking over the standard 2 minutes for the script to run. Just a quick blog post to link our new Github script onĀ automated […]

Takeaways from the Parse Developer Day Conference 2013

Parse is an app development platform for the cloud that held its first developer’s conference on September 2013 in San Francisco, California. Parse had recently been bought by Facebook, and so far promises to be a major contender in the app development arena.

If you wanted to attend the conference but missed it, you can still get the key points and see some of the presentations. 23 people presented, most of them from Parse with one from Stripe and two from Microsoft.

Retain leading zero in CSV

Most web applications at some point will have some sort of an export data feature to get data out of the database in some csv or excel format. CSV is probably the simplest to generate on the fly from PHP and other server side scripting languages. However, I had a particular issue where leading zeros […]

Hello World! – Adobe Air on Ubuntu and Windows

This article is to help fellow web developers get started with working on Adobe AIR! Using Adobe AIR, you will be able to create desktop applications which are cross-operating system using just HTML, JS and a bit of XML. Adobe Air works great on Windows, Linux, Mac and hopefully a lot of future operating systems […]