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BuzzEV vision is powered by the megatrend - By 2040, more than half of new cars sold in the world will be electric vehicles, with 70% of market share in Europe, and over 50% in China. The vision is to ensure that tools & services exist to allow for this switch to electric. To meet the mobility requirements, they venture into EV Leasing, Smart charging, Car clubs and other initiatives. BuzzEV hopes to be a catalyst that accelerated the electrification of personal transport which will let us all live in a healthier planet.

The startup has bold ideas. The business is also capital intensive growing a fleet of electric vehicles. They also launched a car club with the ability for users to participate in the ride sharing economy. The website has evolved constantly and requiring rewrites as the business pivots to gain traction in different sectors. Running various experiments that require constant validy checks & website planning. At the moment, the focus is on EV charging for businesses & personal vehicles. It is a competitive market and we expect to see this project making constant changes to fit the market.

  • Web Development
  • Content Management System

Technologies used

React native powered mobile apps, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Fleet tracking.