Over 6000 clubs in schools across England

One click ordering of films

Browse through thousands of films, seasons and themes

Advanced CMS to manage all content, films, orders and member information


FILMCLUB is a free service that helps state schools set up after school film clubs. From January 2007, FILMCLUB teamed up with The Guardian Film Education and the UK Film Council, to launch a successful pilot scheme in 25 nationwide schools. It quickly became a hit with both teachers and students. They currently have over 6005 clubs in schools across the UK with a total of over 190,000 student members on their website.

FILMCLUB approached us to develop their new website and a fully featured content management system. The final website has several features including browsing over 1000's of films in the database, film wishlist management, DVD film orders management, writing reviews for films. On the control panel the administrators can manage various clubs, view all the clubs on a map, manage all the content on the website, edit & update film data, manage film orders, manage all videos and images used on the website.

  • Web Development
  • Content Management System


"When we asked Webdigi to join the project to re-develop our website, two major web agencies had already backed out after doing initial work as they believed the task was too demanding. Webdigi grasped the nettle, delivering the website before the deadline. This was due not only to great technical skills but also excellent communication, development and project management. " Stepan Raichl, Technical Manager