HomeCare Systems

Home security and automation systems

Alert manned security on intrusion detection

Web server supports 16 camera feeds at once

View live and recorded videos on most platforms

HomeCare Systems

Homecare systems are a leader in innovative wireless home automation system. Homecare systems produce a complete wireless and web connected home automation and security management system. The core component of the system is the Home HUB, which can manage a large number of wireless connected alarm and control devices. These include lighting, thermostats, shutters control, video surveillance and all devices and functions to fully manage home security. These wireless devices can be located up to 150 m indoors and up to an astounding 700 m outdoors. The coverage can be further extended by using the sophisticated and highly secure wireless mesh network.

Homecare systems run a state of the art web portal system that we have developed from scratch. The portal allows home hub owners to control devices in their homes from anywhere in the world. We have also built an SMS gateway to allow customers to also send SMS text messages which will be processed and appropriate command will be sent to the hub in their house in seconds. The portal also relays messages from the hub such as an intruder alerts, flooding. Finally, the users can also view live and recorded videos on their mobile or from the portal. The website was designed by long term designer partner based in London. We have also built a content management system which allows the visitors to their website to view the site in 14 languages and in 16 countries.

  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Beyond the Browser

Technologies used

PHP, Zend Framework, Nodejs, MySQL (With Replication & Cluster), AJAX, HTML, CSS, jQuery, SMS gateway, Payment gateways, Multi language and Multi site Content Management System.