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eBay - Secretguru & eBay Hire

SecretGuru is a pilot being run by Ebay in the UK. Gurus on the website span a variety of industries, so you will find professional chefs you can hire to cook at your dinner party, artists who'll paint a bespoke mural in your home, and even shoe designers who can teach you how to make your own shoes!". It is a concierge-style service where people can buy time from professionals in areas ranging from cooking to business mentoring and beauty.

We worked with the Ebay business incubation team to develop three services based marketplace websites. The websites targeted customers in both US & UK markets. The website has a content management system to create and manage guru profiles along with their associated services. The control panel gives administrators access to view all booking requests and related successful bookings. The calendar system on the website also allows suppliers to update their schedules for various services they offer. All the three websites also including payment processing.

The websites were featured on popular tech news sites like Engadget and Techcrunch within a week of launch. They were also subsequently featured on BBC Radio, Forbes, TIME, ELLE and various others.

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  • Content Management System


"WebDigi helped us with the development of a couple of projects we were incubating. It was a pleasure working with them. Although the timescales were tight, they often stretched to deliver what we needed." Rodrigo Madanes, Director at eBay Business Incubation Group (Europe)