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We help brands with Facebook pages and Facebook applications. We also help integrate social tools to websites to help build a community and facilitate sharing.

  • Our Facebook tool has helped track 448,383,163 page views
  • We have helped 1000's of brand pages on Facebook!

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New and more efficient ways of approaching potential customers appear all the time. We keep up with all the latest trends as it is our job and we are passionate about it. Here are some ways we can help increase your brand visibility online.

Featured Social Media Work

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  • Energizer - Facebook application

    Energizer - Facebook app

  • Social media music channel

    Social media music channel

  • Social video sharing website

    Customized greeting cards

  • Social video sharing website

    Social video sharing website

Bespoke Facebook application development

Over the years we have built a variety of Facebook applications including quizzes, gifts, competitions and charitable fundraising. Ideally a well developed and planned application will become viral - shared from friend to friend - and reach an audience well beyond the reach of a traditional marketing effort. Well planned Facebook applications are capable of explosive, exponential growth. Facebook applications can support a brand or raise awareness for a cause. Any idea that has the potential to be shared across friends stand a chance to become viral.

Customise Facebook pages

Facebook pages have amazing potential. Facebook pages are search engine indexable profiles of businesses. It is provided by Facebook for free and every business should ideally have their presence on Facebook. Once users "like" your business fan page, users will get alerts to every new product or information you would like them to receive. Facebook pages can be customised to sell products, show information about your company, run competitions, create awareness and promote a brand.

Sharing within social circle

The most powerful aspect of a social network is the grouping of friends and like minded people. If an user of your product or service is impressed with what they see, they are most likely to share it among their friends. The greatest avenue to facilitate this kind of sharing is Facebook and Twitter. More users are likely to click on a link or item recommended by their friends

Integrate Social Widgets

A customer has made a purchase on an e-commerce website and they love the product, should this be the end of their relationship with the e-commerce website? With social widgets, the customer can share the details of the purchase with their like minded friends. The customer can also choose to follow the e-commerce website on Facebook or on twitter to get updates. All this is made possible with social widgets integrated to the website.

About Webdigi & Services

We are a web development company in London. We specialise in developing bespoke web applications & unique web platforms. Over the years we have helped clients build great web applications. From time to time we publish open source tools, projects and articles like this to raise awareness and contribute back to the open source community that we rely on so much!


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