Web 2.0 technologies power participatory web embracing interoperability

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 otherwise called Participatory and Social Web alludes to sites with client created content, usability and interoperability (i.e., perfect with different tools, frameworks, and gadgets) for actual users.

Featured web applications

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  • Web2.0 for Ebay

    eBay multi-sided platform

  • online event marketplace

    Online Event Marketplace

  • bespoke web application

    A bespoke Web Application

  • web application in a router

    Web application in a router

Web 2.0 based web development

A Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other. In essence a Web 2.0 site becomes a platform. To facilitate a Web 2.0 website, we ensure that we meet the three criteria

- Usable and rich interface with technologies like AJAX, etc
- Let other systems integrate by providing features like RSS Feeds and Web Services
- Build tools to let users share thoughts and experiences

Web Frameworks & Technology used

On the browser side, we utilise Web 2.0 improvements that incorporate Ajax and JavaScript systems. Ajax programming utilizes JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM) to refresh chosen locales of the page without experiencing a full page reload. To permit users to keep work with the page uninterrupted.We also use real-time streaming data with Web Sockets ( See our Space invaders demo).

As a generally accessible module autonomous of W3C guidelines (the World Wide Web Consortium is the overseeing collection of Web principles and conventions), Adobe Flash can do numerous things that were impractical pre-HTML5. Of Flash's numerous capacities, the most generally utilised was its capacity to incorporate sight and sound into HTML pages. With the presentation of HTML5 in 2010 and the developing worries with Flash's security, the use of Flash is diminishing. At Webdigi, we extensively use HTML5 technologies which now gives us great access to device APIs.

On the server-side, Web 2.0 has considerable innovations from Web 1.0. We use PHP, Node & Python. Our engineers store data from documents and databases. This permits sites and web administrations to use. for example, XML (Atom, RSS, and so on.) and JSON.

How these web applications are built

Developing web applications requires a deep understanding of the web architecture. Powerful web frameworks encourage quick application iteration by permitting a group of developers to concentrate on the areas of their application which are novel to their objectives (the unique selling points - USPs) without being constrained by undifferentiated heavy lifting, for example: session management, database interaction, etc.

Web application frameworks can regularly decrease the quantity of blubugs & non-conformities in a program, both by making the code less complex, and by permitting different developers take control of different aspects of the web development of the application. In applications which are presented to consistent hacking exploits on the Internet, security-related issues can be brought about by mistakes in the web platform.

About Webdigi & Services

We are a web development company in London. We specialise in developing bespoke web applications & unique web platforms. Over the years we have helped clients build great web applications. From time to time we publish open source tools, projects and articles like this to raise awareness and contribute back to the open source community that we rely on so much!


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