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CIP Knowledge provides continually updated H&S (Health and Safety) and environmental manuals online. It is produced by professionals working hands-on in the construction industry. the manual comprises of over 50 sections covering all aspects of the Health & Safety and Environmental function as it relates to the industry both for management and operational activities. The online manual addresses the challenge of complicated legislation written in legal language by publishing the official text as written and alongside, providing straightforward guidance by explaining and demystifying that text in a simple, understandable form.

We worked together very closely with CIP Knowledge team to produce the CIP Knowledge web platform. CIP Books & CIP Knowledge had an online presence but ran into issues of scalability, search performance, document management and other issues. We re-architected the whole platform for the team. The new platform is easy to update, has a powerful search engine, flexible subscription mechanism, company master account with multiple sub accounts and many more features. The knowledgebase returns search results from its large database in a few milliseconds improving customer experience and making the knowledge available on mobile and desktop devices for construction industry professionals.

Along with bespoke software development, we relied on external platforms like Intercom for realtime help/support. The intercom system helps CIP Knowledge track customers through the various stages of their lifecycle and automatically engage with them, monitor users that don't engage on the platform to followup, etc. Once we developed the initial platform from the ground up and it was proven to work, we imported all the data from their older website including users and knowledgebase. To make the transition simple for users, the old password mechanism was retained and the users seamlessly transitioned to the new password mechanism as they logged in to the web based knowledge system. The new website also used HTML5 web technologies compared to the older website.

The website is deployed on Amazon web services and is architected to scale based on user demand.

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"Webdigi took a grip of our project from Day 1, understanding the brief, working within the budget, and providing regular project updates and working seamlessly with suppliers and the incumbent agency. The result was a fantastic new website. They are a pleasure to deal with." Sarah Kenny, Construction Industry Publications Ltd