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FindAnyFilm is an online film search service funded by the BFI (British Film Institute). FindAnyFilm aims at raising the awareness of and promoting the use of legal mediums for viewing films - working towards the eradication of piracy. Details of individual film records are held on the site. It targets film fans in the UK, but holds details on films made in over 60 different languages - ranging from English, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, French and Cantonese.

FindAnyFilm lets users search for movies to watch in a variety of formats, including cinema releases, DVD and Blu-ray rentals, and films you can stream online. There is great emphasis on social elements and a useful wishlist tool that alerts you when movies you want to watch are available. Due to the high traffic on the site, we have configured a series of servers with load balances ard a caching cluster. The site also stores over a million images which are downloaded from various sources. At the heart of the site is a highly efficient system that aggregates data from cinemas, TV, online and dvd providers. The site also serves as a price comparison system for various formats.

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"We gave WebDigi a near impossible job - and they over-delivered! Build a dynamic website, processing millions of data items a week from 28 different data feeds, screen tens of thousands of video clips and deliver it in three months. It has been one of the hardest projects I have ever worked on, made a million times easier by the quiet efficiency and intellect of the WebDigi team." David Dawson, BFI FindAnyFilm Acting COO