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EOS Authority

EOS Authority is a founding block producer of the Blockchain EOS. It was part of the distributed and global group of organisations that came together to found the EOS Blockchain with a market cap in excess of $4bn on launch. It was the largest worldwide blockchain project at the time of its launch. The EOSIO software that powers the blockchain was the fastest at the time of launch. EOS Authority provides wallets, tools and is the most comprehensive gateway to a worldwide base of users. This platform works on any device type and is a Progressive Web Application

The EOS Authority website is a massive product.
- Web wallet (Secure transations on the blockchain)
- Explorer (Real-time viewer of blockchain transactions)
- Market cap data of several tokens
- Global events, tracking worldwide & online events
- Voting data and real-time analytics of data
- Real-time emails & Telegram notifications
- Encryption and key security
- Powerful big data platform
- Integration with hardware and software wallets

EOS Authority is a multi-year development project. The project started with a simple idea and constantly evolved. The development of the project was only possible at tight timescaled owing to our strong adherance to our trusted processes including Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. The project has various components that come together working with the EOSIO blockchain & Ethereum blockchains.

Few other features that make it unique
- Multi-lingual website (Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic totalling 9 languages)
- Multi-currency platform (Dollars, Pounds, Yen, totalling 14 currencies)
- Global audience to the website
- Single Page Application (SPA technology)
- Multi-blockchain project interacting with various blockchains
- Offline & Online processing of blockchain data
- Internal & External security audits of the platform
- Built-in A/B Testing features
- Frequent load tests on the platform
- Real time streaming of blockchain data
- Dark mode & light mode
- Fully mobile responsive platform

This website has on occassion handled over a million page views a day from a global audience. It has evolved to be a trusted & frequently used reference website for the global EOSIO community.

  • Web Development
  • Content Management System

Technologies used

Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, RDS, Hadoop, Socket.io, Angular, React, C++, Encryption, Hardware wallets, Ledger, Yubico, Highcharts and several other technologies.