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LawBite is an online legal service that provides 'simple contracts for small companies', which are written in plain English with no legal jargon. The Lawbite contracts can be collaboratively worked on by all parties involved in the contract. LawBite is a uniquely user friendly service which enables you to draft, share and get legal advice on legal documents or simply get answers and advice on legal problems. LawBite can also offer negotiation support and advice and provide impartial trained mediators to help resolve disputes. LawBite also offer a full arbitration service where disputes cannot be settled by mediation.

The website lets users search for contracts from a wide range of categories - Commercial and Private. Once a contract is selected by the user, they can then invite other collaborators to work on the document. To facilitate this joint drafting process, the platform provides the users with a messaging service and lets users save different versions of the document and view progress. The collaborators can be assigned different roles granting a few users permission to modify the contract while others view progress and comment on the document. Once a contract is marked as complete, a Lawbite lawyer can be invited to go over the document via the platform. The final step is to get the document signed. Lawbite provides e-Signing functionality to complete the contract and move ahead quickly. The Lawbite database safely and securely stores the signed copy of the contracts and can alert the user prior to renewal or expiry.

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Shortly after building and launching the platform MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Lawbite successfully closed a crowd funding round on crowdcube in 2013 to expand its offering to customers looking for legal help and contracts for their businesses