MiPins Platform accessible on the web and apps for mobile devices


MiPins (pronounced my pins) is a simple web platform and mobile app that helps you turn physical activity intentions into action. The aim with MiPins to make trying something new and different much less trying. Much more doable!

The founders of MiPins approached Webdigi right at the start. To discuss a concept they had in mind and which they thought had huge potential to get people physical active and at the same time provide great value to instructors and fitness professionals. A challenging aspect of the system development was to provide complete control to both instructor and customer over all aspects of the system while at the same time creating an elegant and intuitive user interface.

Having built the system from the groud-up our final challenge was to get the system in shape for the nation wide launch with the Telegraph.

  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Beyond the Browser

Technologies used

Backend: PHP, ZendFramework, MySQL

Hosting: Amazon Web Services, Dedicated Servers

Apps: HTML5, Phonegap, Ionic, jQuery Mobile