Cross platform web app

Adnetwork targeting users based on location

Location based social network

System overview


OnTheGo is a mobile application development company and to built their server infrastructure and web application from scratch. The communication platform uses location based technologies to put users in touch with their area. Unlike web applications some of which have been simply transferred to mobile, being a truly mobile application offers a unique user experience.

Feature overview supported
Track friends and other members of your community on your mobile.
Post text messages and pictures of your location on a map for others to see.
Be the first to hear about local news and events taking place near you
Find out about limited time special product and service offerings at your current location
Get directions to wherever you need to go and reach your destination fast

The web application sits on a dedicated server we have setup for OTG communications and it is capable of handling GPS updates from several handsets via GPRS / 3G / Wifi. Our performance benchmarks show that over 10,000 requests / second were processed by our application to handle the GPS updates. The server also handles messages between friends and also directions to be processed by the server. We have also built a mobile friendly version of the website to be accessible from older mobile phones. The website also features a fully functional and unique ad network capable of broadcasting messages to all members who are within a specific area at any time of the day.

  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Social Media
  • Beyond the Browser


Right from the start the project was identified to be server heavy with each active user GPS position being updated to the server every 10 seconds. This has to be scaled to thousands of user mobiles updating their position and simultaneously viewing their friends realtime position on a map.