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PERFORM commercialises multimedia sports content across internet-enabled digital platforms, driving revenues through a mix of Content Distribution, Advertising & Sponsorship, the development and management of Subscription Platforms and Technology & Production. Perform delivers billions of video streams; over 100s of websites and mobile services; They have a reach of hundred million sports fans.

We worked with PERFORM UK offices on ePlayer; the world's largest premium sport VOD broadcaster. Working with their internal systems and XML Feeds, we created an embeddable code that can be used by publishers. Once embedded, the web tv pages can deliver channel specific or multi channel video content. In short, publishers like Daily Mail, Evening Standard, the Guardian, Telegraph and The Sun can embed Video content on their websites using the templates and layouts created.

  • Web Development

Technologies Used

We had to work with ePlayer's existing backend software written in Java using FreeMarker template engine. The layout was developed with HTML/CSS and Javascript put everything together.