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PrimaryBid is a technology platform that allows everyday investors fair access to public companies raising capital. PrimaryBid does this by ensuring that retail investors transact at the same time and at the same price as institutional investors. Through their long-term agreement with London Stock Exchange, they have created the infrastructure to seamlessly connect everyday investors with public companies when it matters most.

We worked together very closely with the founders to produce PrimaryBid. Webdigi was commissioned to take over the project at the very earliest possible stages of the startup idea. We assessed the sector, the market and worked out an agile development plan that will best suit the project. From the outset, it was clear that the project will work with personal information, require KYC, payment processing to also support large payments, work with bank transfers for larger individual payments in the region £500,000. Each of the order books would range from £0.5m to £10m+. We worked closely with the team through the MVP stages, constantly identifying what features work and what does not. Eventually, the system evolved to a point where large deals were being placed and there was increasing confidence in the business model.

Along with the web platform which was designed as a responsive system, we have a powerful administrator interface to manage deals on the website and only publish the capital raise after market hours, etc. We also developed iOS and Android apps to send instant notifications to subscribers of new deals that take place in the market. When deals are published via the Regulatory News Service (RNS), they generate large volumes of traffic which we managed using load balancers and auto scaling to cope with the demand.

Over the years as the project grew successful & matured, we helped PrimaryBid interview and appoint a new CTO. We helped train & transfer the project in-house over a few months to set them for an exciting future!

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"WebDigi has been the cornerstone of our development for the past few years for both web and our mobile App. The team has been very responsive to our requirements, has consistently delivered high quality work, on time and on budget - it's a pleasure to work with them." Dave Mutton, COO, PrimaryBid