Takeaways from the Parse Developer Day Conference 2013

Parse is an app development platform for the cloud that held its first developer’s conference on September 2013 in San Francisco, California. Parse had recently been bought by Facebook, and so far promises to be a major contender in the app development arena.

If you wanted to attend the conference but missed it, you can still get the key points and see some of the presentations. 23 people presented, most of them from Parse with one from Stripe and two from Microsoft.

How to get your side project launched

There are many people who have a lot of interesting ideas in mind but never get around to starting on their side/pet project. Some people start on their side project but never get to completion. These are the three steps which if followed before you start actual work on your project will help you get […]

Understanding FTP using raw FTP commands and telnet

Both FTP and SMTP are simple text based protocols. A previous article showed how to check if an email address exists using SMTP commands from the terminal. Here I would like to show you how you can use raw FTP commands to connect to an FTP server, login, traverse directories and even download files. But […]

Reddit vs Digg – A collaborative test for users.

I recently decided to run a test to see how well users can collaborate using social bookmarking sites like reddit & digg. This was assuming that users¬†will collaborate and can accomplish something together! How the test works 1) Each visitor to the site will be given any ONE random letter of a phrase (one per […]

Google store does not use google checkout instead uses Worldpay

The Official Google Store¬†which sells a range of Google labelled products doesn’t use Google Checkout for credit card processing but instead uses Worldpay. Google Store uses Oscommerce (popular open source PHP ecommece store management program) and free open source plugins are available to integrate google checkout with oscommece in minutes (eg: http://code.google.com/p/google-checkout-oscommerce/). I wonder why […]