Creating solutions that meet the needs of your users which are aligned to your business goals

Why put users first?

The web is continually changing. Nowadays it is not enough to create a website that you think meets your users needs. With customer's having so much choice you have to demonstrate that you understand them and their goals so that they keep coming back. By continually asking:

      Is there a need for the solution being designed?
      Is there value in the features being offered?
      Is the solution usable?

We gain an understanding of your website users and create solutions to meet their needs and requirements, whilst delivering your business objectives.

We use proven techniques in web planning, UX design, website usability testing and optimisation which can be adapted to the size of your budget and scope.

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  • Planning with stakeholders

  • Pages and multiple variations


Having a clear website plan that is aligned to your business plan significantly improves its chances of success. By establishing why you have a website and understanding what your users want to do on the site, we create measurable goals and objectives.

  • Goals and Key Performance Indicators
    The cornerstone of all good websites are its goals and key performance indicators (KPI's). Solid KPI's quantify the performance of a website and lead to your website goals being achieved. They drive the website calls to action, design and conversion mechanisms. We help you to set clear goals, strategies and KPI's that make sure your website delivers a return on investment.
  • Reviews and Benchmarking
    We can conduct a series of reviews to guide your website strategy. These can include reviews of your website against set criteria, competitor benchmarking, analytics reviews, interviews and customer surveys. Through this understanding we build a detailed picture of your websites opportunities
  • Research and concept development
    Conducting research with users in the real world and is often overlooked. However, gaining an understanding of your users experiences to uncover what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it, will bring amazing insights. Do you have a concept but need help developing it? Using creative thinking, research and problem solving techniques we will help move your concept forward.
  • Requirements gathering and specifications
    Well written requirements and specifications save time and money in development. Through workshops, story cards, website usability testing and analytics we will create a full UX design specification of your prioritised requirements which can then be used through its development.

UX Design

Through a UX Design approach we map out your website requirements with users at the centre of the thinking. We understand them, what they require and give them control. A User Experience or User Centered Design process follows a virtuous circle of research, design and test, consulting the end user as often as possible. This process ensures that each iteration is better than the last and is suitable for all sizes of projects and budgets, from very small to very large.

  • User personas and goals
    Who are your website's ideal customers? We gain an insight into their backgrounds, personalities, reasons for visiting your website and most importantly their goals. We bring them to life in simple and memorable formats using story cards to keep users at the front of your mind during the UX design and development phases of your website.
  • User journey mapping and task models
    Task models describe the activities a user performs in order to reach their goals. A user journey map details the exact steps through the website that a user goes through to complete the tasks or goals . Through the creation of task models and user journey mapping we examine the activities performed in your website and the possible paths users take to ensure they are streamlined and easy to accomplish.
  • Wireframes and prototypes
    Web page wireframes demonstrate the framework of your website showing its layout, navigation structure, calls to action and user experiences. By working collaboratively with you to create web page wireframes we are able to test and develop ideas early and cheaply, saving money in the design and development phases.
  • Information architecture
    Good information architecture enables users of a website to move seamlessly through it to find the information they require. Through understanding your requirements, users, processes, products and services we create site maps that form the basis of your UX design plan.

Performance Improvement

Continual investment in your website from the moment it goes live is a must if you want to maximise its performance. Adding content, monitoring analytics, tracking conversions and search engine optimisation are just some of the tasks. Keeping on top of these ever increasing demands is time consuming and complex. We help by simplifying things with a range of services aimed at businesses of all sizes .

  • Website Analytics
    Website analytics are a lot more than just calculating a few numbers. For us it is about understanding what they mean and providing insight into what you can do to improve your website performance. Through the use of customer segmentation and conversion funnels we get to understand why your website users do what they do and advise on ways to improve your website.
  • Conversion Optimisation and Website Usability Testing
    Great websites continually refine and test their usability with the people who use them with the objective of learning about how they are used and how to improve them. Through controlled website usability testing we optimise your website to maximise its revenue generation and return on investment. We design and manage tests to suit your website and analyse the results so that changes can be made.
  • Website Reviews and Benchmarking
    We conduct reviews according to your requirements that include measuring your website against set criteria, competitor benchmarking and customer surveys. Through gaining this understanding we advise on website and UX design changes that can be made to improve its performance.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    SEO is a much used and much abused term. For us it is all about your site content - its relevance, authority and authorship. By linking content to your keywords, customer's needs and purchasing phase we can significantly improve your website's search engine performance.

About Webdigi & Services

We are a web development company in London. We specialise in developing bespoke web applications & unique web platforms. Over the years we have helped clients build great web applications. From time to time we publish open source tools, projects and articles like this to raise awareness and contribute back to the open source community that we rely on so much!


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